The 7 Billion Daily business method innovates e-commerce. Our social business software provides a fast and profitable way for brands to shift from advertising to real social engagements.

This is a scalable solution while ensuring advocates engage in your behalf. We believe customer finance business and customer’s service belongs to the consumers.

It’s About Ownership.

At 7 Billion Daily we changed the ownership to the customer’s Service. Customer Service and product satisfaction will drive profitability. So at 7 Billion Daily customers are seen to finance businesses.

Employee’s Social Platform daily includes serving with other employees, the business managers, and customers.

At 7 Billion Daily employees, Human Resources can assist with present and future opportunities. Profitability properly severs the needs of employees and customers. A keep position: Customer Service Employees. Employee’s Customers Service describes the ownership and the importance of their positions in a company’s success. Employees are customers too!

Leading to greater accomplishments. 

At 7 Billion Daily businesses support, care, and social savvy improve their employees and customer greater contribution to proficitability and growth. 

7 Billion Daily is a Contrarian Business Model Innovation (BMI)

7 Billion Daily advances the capability for small and mid-size businesses (SMB) to improve their competitive advantages. At 7 Billion Daily businesses, employees, and consumers are co-producers for mutual success. 

The 7 Billion Daily innovative business methods focus on the necessary outcomes so consumers, employees, and business positively support each other.